Working With JSON in Ruby and jQuery

JSON is one of the major data formats out there on the web, known for its readability. Now, I was a little unsure about that readability aspect after pulling up my first JSON document and seeing this mess.

Crazy JSON!
The first step towards wrapping your head around JSON is to see it printed in a prettier fashion. Head over to JSON Online Editor and using the “Open URL” option you can see that JSON data is actually much more presentable than it lets on. (If you need a JSON example to play with while reading this, don’t hesitate to use my Treehouse profile, as this provides you with a complex, multidimensional set of data to manipulate).

I decided to start by figuring out how to work with JSON in Ruby, as currently I certainly feel more comfortable with Ruby than Javascript. Luckily, Ruby makes handling JSON from the web easy with a few of its built in libraries and modules.